Storing Wood Furniture? 3 Things You Should Consider


Many people use self-storage when moving, renovating, or redecorating to safely store their belongings outside of their home. It's great for when you do not want to get rid of your things forever and just need to have them out of sight for a few months. You will want to make sure your belongings come out the same way they went in, especially if you are storing wood furniture. The wood finish can be susceptible to rotting, warping, scratching, and other cosmetic damage when it is stored incorrectly. Consider these 3 things when you prepare wood furniture for the storage facility.

Protect The Wood

You should always protect the wood before putting a piece of wood furniture into storage. Thoroughly clean all wood, apply a furniture polish, and use linseed oil for added protection. These steps will give the wood the essential moisture it needs to prevent it from becoming dry. Dry wood can crack and split, which will ruin your furniture.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

You should seek out a self-storage unit that has climate controls any time you are storing something made out of wood. It will help ensure consistent humidity and temperature levels inside the unit, which will help stop damage from occurring.

In cold weather, wood furniture can contract. In hot weather, wood will expand. Temperature changes can cause cracks in the wood, which will weaken the structural integrity of the piece of furniture. Humidity that is too high can promote mildew and mold growth. The dark interior of a storage unit is the ideal breeding ground for mold, which is why climate control is so important.

Maximize Your Space

Storage units can be small and can quickly become cramped when you start moving in big pieces of furniture. Consider disassembling your furniture so that the different pieces can be stored more efficiently. Individual pieces can even be wrapped in furniture pads so that they are completely protected

Even if you leave your wooden furniture fully assembled, keep it elevated off the ground. It will help protect wooden legs from moisture on the ground or protect them if water enters your storage unit unexpectedly.

By taking some additional steps for storing wood furniture, you will be doing everything you can to ensure that the condition of the wood is preserved. You can feel confident knowing that your wood furniture will look great when it's finally time to move it back into your home.

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12 June 2015

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