4 Tips To Help You Save Space In A Self-Storage Unit


Storage units come in many different sizes and can hold a lot more than you think, especially if you plan this out right. If you want to save money by renting the smallest unit available, you may need to follow some of these tips to help you save room by packing your unit in a way that is organized and strategic:

Get rid of stuff you really do not need

Before you even rent a storage unit, you should begin going through the things you plan on storing in the unit. As you do this, get rid of things you do not really need, especially if you plan on storing these things in this unit for at least a couple years.

If you can get rid of some of your things now, you will not only save space in your unit, but you will also have less clutter to go through when you eventually do take the things back out of storage.

Pack your boxes efficiently

The second way to fit more in your storage unit is to pack your boxes efficiently. To do this, you should make sure that each box is completely full before you close it and pack it away. Full boxes stack easier, and this will help you use less space in your storage unit.

Utilize drawer space

Another way to save space is to utilize drawer and storage space in the furniture you will be storing. For example, if you plan on storing a dresser, use the drawers to hold things you own. You could simply fill the drawers up and transfer the entire dresser to the storage unit.

If you think you may need to get into any of these drawers in the near future, you should place the dresser in the storage unit in a way that will allow you to open the drawers when needed.

Dressers are perfect for storing goods, but you could also place some items you own in other large objects you are storing. This includes refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, cabinets, and toy boxes. By doing this, you will need fewer boxes for your things, which will help you save room in your unit.

Break down any items you can

Finally, you might be able to utilize your storage space best if you break down items that can be taken apart. For example, if you are storing a kitchen table in the unit, take the legs off. Storing the parts to a table will take up less space than storing an entire table in the unit. You can do this with other types of tables too, and with beds, cabinets, and other furniture.

If you follow these tips, you might be able to rent the smallest storage unit around. If so, you could save some money on rental costs. To learn more about self-storage, contact a facility near your home. Contact a company such as Epic Group Inc. to learn more.


13 August 2015

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