Keeping Your Moving Service's Workers Safe


If you are moving to a new home, and you have an entire house full of furniture and personal belongings to pack and move to go to a new destination, you will want to keep the moving company's workers in mind as you make preparations for them to do their job. Here are a few tips to use when getting your belongings ready for the move so that the moving service will be able to do their job efficiently with a reduction in the risk of injury in the process.

Don't Skimp On Supplies

When you pack up boxes to be moved, make sure to secure the bottoms with enough packing tape to keep them closed. Tape the tops of the boxes rather than weaving the flaps under each other. Tape is more secure. If the mover happened to drop the box, they would not become injured from something falling out of the box.

Use newer boxes if possible, as older corrugation tends to rip easily. A better choice is to use plastic storage bins as they will not collapse. Put heavier items in smaller boxes or bins so that workers do not need to deal with an awkward large container on top of a heavy weight. Label these items as "heavy" so that movers know to grab backup if they need it.

Keep The Area Clear

Stack boxes in one area of the room so that they are out of the way of the interior section. This way, the movers can tackle the heavy furniture pieces first without having to walk around boxes or bins to get them out of the door.

After the bigger pieces are removed, the movers will be left with a room that has a cleared out center portion, making it easier to navigate back and forth without obstructions in the way. This also gives workers the space to shift around each other as they carry out items.

Stay Out Of The Way

On moving day, make sure that all children and pets are in a room away from the belongings being moved. If possible, have them go to someone else's house so that you will not need to worry about injury to them or the movers as bigger items are being moved through the home.

If pets and children must be present, have someone available to watch over them in the room you designate. Make sure to alert the movers that this room has people and pets inside so that they do not open the door, letting them out into the chaos! For more information, contact a professional like those at Easy Moving & Freight.


2 September 2015

Getting Great Deals On Storage

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