How To Keep Your Vacant Home Safe After Your Move


In a perfect world, your existing house would be sold or rented out before you ever moved out of it and moved yourself and your family to your new home. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world, and there is a chance that you will be leaving your home vacant after you move out. This could concern you because you could be worried about break-ins and other issues, but there are a few ways that you can keep your vacant home safe after you pack up and leave.

Keep Your Utilities On

You might be anxious to turn your utilities off as soon as you move out, but doing so can leave your vacant house a little bit too dark. Plus, utility companies might leave door tags or notes that could notify others that the house is empty. It's better to leave the utilities on for now, until someone moves into your home or you sell it. Plus, this will make it easier for the real estate agent or property manager to show the home to others.

Keep the Windows Covered

Uncovered windows can be a strong indication that your home is empty. If you want to take your window coverings with you, consider at least covering your old home's windows with cheap mini blinds or inexpensive curtains. You can purchase curtains from a thrift store if you don't want to spend too much but want to keep your vacant house safe.

Make Arrangements for Your Lawn

An overgrown lawn can be a sure-fire sign that there is no one home. Plus, if you don't make arrangements for the grass to be cut while the home is still your responsibility, then you could be fined or otherwise held responsible if it becomes overgrown. Find someone you can trust to come out and take care of the lawn while you are enjoying your new home.

Ask Someone to Keep an Eye Out

Ask a trusted neighbor, your property manager or your real estate agent to keep an eye on things and let you know if something seems amiss at the house.

Avoid Sharing Too Much on Social Media

You might be ready to share all of the details of your move on social media, but doing so can alert the wrong people that your old home is empty. Before sharing, check your privacy settings on your social media profiles to ensure that strangers will not be able to see this information.

As you can see, keeping your vacant home safe after a move only takes a little bit of forethought. Then, you won't have to worry as much while you are waiting for it to be sold or rented out to someone.

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8 September 2015

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