How To Get Your House Organized


Did you have a wonderfully relaxing summer? Hopefully you got to experience the lazy, unstructured days for which summer is known. It may also have been a time where you didn't focus a lot on household chores and, now that summer is essentially over, you may be feeling like it's time to get down to business. If getting your house organized is on your list, here are some ideas that might help you accomplish this task.   

Enlist Help From Your Family Members - A great way to start your organization project is by having a family meeting to tell them of your plan to organize your house. 

  • Saving a Saturday while kids are home from school would be a good time for them to get rid of things they don't want or don't use anymore. 
  • One good idea is to designate an area for things that will be given to charity, another stack for items that will later be sold at a yard sale or traded with somebody outside of the family, and items that need to be stored for later use. Handing out large plastic bags for trash would be helpful, too.
  • If you think your kids would work better if they had a helper, consider setting up teams. Perhaps older siblings could help the younger kids, or parents can step in to help.

Provide Proper Storage Facilities - Buying containers for storing things will help a lot.

  • Plastic under-the-bed rectangular bins are a great place to keep scrapbooks, old journals, and other memorabilia. Another idea is to buy transparent boxes for shoes, purses, small toys, and other objects that often cause clutter.
  • Stackable boxes are another great idea. They're good for things like games, balls, toys, books,  stationery boxes, craft supplies and anything else that doesn't need to be covered.
  • Think about getting wall shelves for rooms that lack enough space for floor units. Besides holding things like books, CDs and computer games, the shelves are a great place to display framed pictures and other collectibles.

Rent A Storage Unit - If you still have things that need a place of their own, consider self-storage. This would be a great place to store off-season clothes, holiday decorations, camping and fishing gear, even things like canoes and water skis and snow skis. You may not realize that renting a storage unit is very affordable. The great part about renting a self-storage unit (from an outlet such as Access Self Storage) is that you can access your belongings anytime you want to. Your belongings will be kept in a safe area that is maintained at a temperature that will not cause your belongings to be damaged.

Picking a certain day of each month for your family to continue the organization process will certainly help you to maintain a well-organized home environment. 


9 September 2015

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