How To Tip Movers


When you hire movers, chances are good that you are going to be depending on them to get your most beloved personal possessions to your new home safely. You put a lot of trust into your movers and they work hard in order to make sure that you are satisfied with the move. You will likely want to tip the movers in order to make sure that they understand that you appreciated their service. Here are some etiquette rules for tipping movers.

1. How Much to Tip

The first thing that you are going to need to decide is how much you want to tip your movers. This can be difficult. Most movers will not expect tips unless they are moving for a large company and do work over a period of several days. If you just hire movers for a few hours to help you move from one college apartment to another college apartment, the movers are not gong to expect a great deal of money. If you do choose to tip, tipping 5% of the cost of your move tends to be standard.

2. Who to Tip

The next thing that you are going to need to figure out is who to tip. If you hire from a smaller moving company, you can probably figure out who is in charge of the move. One of the two or three movers that are helping you get everything into your new home is going to be directing the action. If you can figure out who is in charge, then you can tip a single amount to that person and reasonably expect that he or she will divide it between the other movers. If the movers work for a large company and there does not seem to be anyone in charge, then you will want to tip everyone separately. If you have any questions, call the moving company and ask what their tipping policies are.

3. When to Tip

After everything has been moved in, you will likely have to sign some paperwork that says that you are satisfied with the move and that all of the services that you have already paid for were completed. You will want to tip after you have signed this paper because this is the end of the transaction and you will likely not see the movers again.

For more information, contact the moving company directly. You might even be able to put the tip on your credit card.


11 September 2015

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