Three Simple Ways To Cut Down On Your Storage Unit Costs


If you're looking for a way to clear some of your excess items out of your basement and garage, you shouldn't have to look for long. As of 2014, there were approximately 50,000 self storage facilities located across the United States, which means that you should have easy access to a facility in your community. Although the bill you pay to rent this space can seem minimal compared to the benefit of helping you declutter your home, it's still always advantageous to see how you can reduce the amount that you pay. Here are three ways to pay less for your storage space.

Shop Around

Shopping around and comparing rates can help you find a storage facility that best suits your budget, but beyond the simple process of getting quotes from different businesses, there's a little-known benefit to checking out various self storage facilities. The rental fees at storage facilities can range depending on the facility's location, so while renting a space in a different neighborhood might require you to drive a little farther, this simple choice can help you save money. Additionally, comparing facilities and the different promotions offered by each can help you find one that has an enticing, cost-reducing program, such as giving clients their first month of rental space for free.

Set a Goal

It's easy to end up paying more than desired for your storage unit if you're not firm about how long you intend to use the space. Whether you need the unit for short-term storage or know that you're using the space for the long haul, it's helpful to set a clear goal about when you plan to leave. Failing to create this goal can lead to renting the space longer than necessary and, in turn, spending more than you intended.

Cut Down On Your Goods

Parting with your possessions is never easy, but doing so can allow you to rent a smaller storage unit and thus pay less for renting the space. Whether you choose to sell the items you don't expect to use in the future with the help of online classifieds, hold a garage sale, donate them to local charities or divide some of them among your family members, these strategies can help you save money on your storage bill each month, not to mention give you some extra money in your pocket. Likewise, it's often better to part with bulky items that have little financial value, as storing these possessions isn't overly cost-effective.


16 September 2015

Getting Great Deals On Storage

As a business owner struggling with a surplus of inventory, a storage unit seemed like an incredible idea. I rented a large unit, and within a few days I could tell that I had made the right decision. It was incredible to see how much easier it was for my employees to access everything, and I was really pleased with how much cleaner we were able to keep our back room. However, I realized that it would be difficult to pay for the unit--especially if I used it permanently. However, a friend of mine suggested a way to save on storage by asking for a discount. I worked with the facility professionals to get a better deal, and now it blends in with our budget. Check out this website for tips on how to get great deals on storage.