Moving Supplies You May Have Forgotten About But Can't Do Without


When you are moving from one home to the next, you may think of all of the typical moving supplies you will need-- packing tape, boxes, newspaper or bubblewrap, etc. However, there are some moving supplies that people frequently forget about and which you really cannot live without. Moving companies do not supply these items, but you can use what you have or buy some more from your local big box store.

Bungee Cords

If you have never seen bungee cords, you must have been living under a rock for most of your life thus far. These amazing, stretchy cords come in varying lengths and have an attached metal hook on both ends. Most people use them to tie down and secure items in a truck bed or vehicle trunk. They are especially good at holding very long or very heavy things in place on the moving truck or in your own car because the cords only stretch so far and they limit any and all movement of the items the cords tie down.


Blankets, especially heavy woolen ones, are excellent wraps for wood furniture. They keep your furniture from getting scraped, scratched and dented while you move. If you have several old blankets and comforters, you can use these to wrap your furniture and protect it while it is on the truck. When you use your own blankets, you do not have to buy a ton of bubblewrap or plastic wrap to protect your furniture, and reducing the amount of moving supplies on your list that you have to acquire or purchase.


If you have to move very heavy items from a lower height to the back end of a moving truck and the items are really heavy, ramps are priceless. Some moving companies will offer ramps as part of the truck rental cost, while others will charge you to rent a ramp for your moving truck. You could bypass that completely by purchasing and/or using a hardwood board that is a few feet wide by a couple inches thick. If you slap some wax varnish on one side of this wooden board, every item will slide up and down the board like the items are on wheels. If you move frequently, then you already have your own moving ramp that you can use every time you move and you never have to worry about renting a truck with a ramp or renting a ramp separately.

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23 September 2015

Getting Great Deals On Storage

As a business owner struggling with a surplus of inventory, a storage unit seemed like an incredible idea. I rented a large unit, and within a few days I could tell that I had made the right decision. It was incredible to see how much easier it was for my employees to access everything, and I was really pleased with how much cleaner we were able to keep our back room. However, I realized that it would be difficult to pay for the unit--especially if I used it permanently. However, a friend of mine suggested a way to save on storage by asking for a discount. I worked with the facility professionals to get a better deal, and now it blends in with our budget. Check out this website for tips on how to get great deals on storage.