A Few Tips For Preparing Your Furniture For Storage With No Climate Control


Ideally, you will never have to put your good furniture in storage, and if you do it will only be for a short period of time and in a climate controlled environment. However, if you are moving long distance and do not have a new home yet, your belongings may end up being stored for longer. To ensure that your possessions come out of storage looking as good as when you put them in there, here are a few tips.

Cover the Floor with Plastic

No matter how water-tight you think the storage unit is, it is possible for water to seep in under the door. Water can make wood swell, cause fabric to rot, and draw insects into the unit. When you place the plastic on the floor, be sure to leave enough on all sides of a piece of furniture to be able to pull it up and around your furnishings. This way any water that does seep in will go under the plastic and away from your furniture instead of flowing over the plastic and still getting to everything.

Clean and Dry Everything

Use an upholstery cleaner on fabrics. Make sure to let everything completely dry before placing in the unit. Wood and metal items should be polished and allowed to dry too. Any dirt or dust that is on the pieces may become more deeply embedded if the unit becomes hot and moist, making it harder to get clean when you take things home. In addition, bits of food will attract animals and even a small bit of mold or rust will only get worse in a dark, damp environment.

Cover Everything

While plastic is a good idea for the floors, you want to use blankets or cloth to cover everything individually. Plastic on both top and bottom will not allow for the escape of any trapped moisture. As a unit heats up and becomes humid, the beads of moisture will stick to the furniture. If it is covered with plastic it will not evaporate but collect inside the plastic and make everything damp. This will create the perfect place for mold to grow, destroying your belongings. In addition, having everything covered will provide extra protection when it comes time to move things out of the unit. You won't have to worry about your dining room table being scratched as you pull out the headboard that is stored on top of it.

Even if the unit you rent does have climate control, it is a good idea to follow the tips above in case of a power outage or sever storm. It never hurts to be overly protective. For more information, talk to a facility like Allen's Transfer.


1 April 2016

Getting Great Deals On Storage

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