3 Things To Consider When Renting A Self-Storage Unit


When you invest the money to rent a storage unit for your belongings, it is natural to expect to have a safe and secure unit. Unfortunately, not all self-storage facilities are created equal. Spending some time and making a good effort to find the best possible self-storage facility in your area can save you a lot of stress in the long run. If you're going to be renting a self-storage unit in the near future, make sure you consider the following things:


One of your top concerns when renting a storage unit is how secure the facility is. In many cases, the better the security is on the property, the more likely you won't have any problems with your unit. When choosing a storage unit, it is a good idea to look for a facility that is completely fenced and has gated access. When there is a gate in place, you will know that only other storage unit renters that have a unique code will be able to access the property. 

Other signs that a self-storage facility has good security include good lighting at night, monitored security cameras, and a night patrolman. 

Pest Control Policy

If you plan to keep belongings in storage for an extended period of time, the last thing you want is for your unit to become infested with pests. Not only can insects and rodents destroy your things, it is also really gross to open the door to your unit only to find it overrun with creepy crawlies. A good storage facility will have a plan in place to help keep pests to a minimum. Before signing a rental contract, make sure you ask how often the grounds are treated by a pest control company, and inquire about how each unit is treated before it is rented out.

Climate Control

Make sure that you think carefully about what you will be storing before deciding on a self storage unit. In some cases, you may be better off paying a little more each month to rent a unit in a facility that offers climate control. In general, you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit if you are storing solid wood furniture, electronics, photographs, or items that are either financially or sentimentally valuable. When you have a climate-controlled storage unit, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings won't be harmed by bitter cold, humidity, extreme heat, or accidental flooding. 


24 February 2017

Getting Great Deals On Storage

As a business owner struggling with a surplus of inventory, a storage unit seemed like an incredible idea. I rented a large unit, and within a few days I could tell that I had made the right decision. It was incredible to see how much easier it was for my employees to access everything, and I was really pleased with how much cleaner we were able to keep our back room. However, I realized that it would be difficult to pay for the unit--especially if I used it permanently. However, a friend of mine suggested a way to save on storage by asking for a discount. I worked with the facility professionals to get a better deal, and now it blends in with our budget. Check out this website for tips on how to get great deals on storage.