4 Extra Expenses You Should Ask About Before Hiring A Moving Company


Hiring a moving company can be one of the best things for your move. Everyone knows that moving is exhausting and if you try to do it yourself it can take weeks of hard labor, compared to a couple days if you hire a moving company. However, before you hire a moving company it is important to realize that they will have a certain way that they charge for their services.

22 July 2016

A Few Tips For Preparing Your Furniture For Storage With No Climate Control


Ideally, you will never have to put your good furniture in storage, and if you do it will only be for a short period of time and in a climate controlled environment. However, if you are moving long distance and do not have a new home yet, your belongings may end up being stored for longer. To ensure that your possessions come out of storage looking as good as when you put them in there, here are a few tips.

1 April 2016